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Why Own a Labrador? The Best Reasons to Have One

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There is very little argument that a Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the world. It has been that way since the 1990s and there are no stopping people from owning one. Well, there are two reasons why you’re interested in this post; the first one being that you still don’t have a Labrador and second, you’re interested in getting one, but you still need some added motivation. Find labrador puppies for sale here.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Labrador is being naturally lovable and loyal. You may find many other breeds to be more beautiful, cute, and smart, but owning a Labrador will make you realize that the experience is beyond compare.

They’re the Best Cuddly Dogs

What separates the Labrador from all other breeds of dog is that they are very affectionate to the point that you will wonder if they were tailor-made to be a people’s dog. When it comes to playing the role of a buddy who you can cuddle every minute of the day, no other animal can fill up that role. With their cute faces and irresistible charisma, they can in some way become your treatment for sadness, stress, and boredom. Try these yellow labs for sale today.

They’re a Healthy Breed

Another reason why you should consider owning a Labrador is that they are generally a healthy breed. With proper care and love, you don’t expect them to be prone to getting diseases and sickness common in other breeds. The one interesting thing about Labrador Retrievers is that they can easily adjust to different climate conditions and live comfortably even with extreme weather.

They’re Energetic

The energy and level of physical activity of a Labrador is second to none. If you are looking to get a dog not just a companion, but also a playmate, then the Labrador is your best bet. Ask any owner of a Lab and they will tell you how much energy they must spend each day just to keep up with their dogs. If you are someone who needs exercise or who is satisfied with a sedentary lifestyle, the you are in for an awakening when you have a Labrador at home.

They Love to Impress

The first-ever Labrador Retrievers were meant to help fishermen in Newfoundland retrieve fish, hence the name. It is no surprise that every Lab wants to impress its master. It is within their DNA to be loyal and perform things so that they will please their human friends. Aside from being loyal, Labrador Retrievers are an obedient breed.

They’re Smart

Finally, you should get a Labrador sooner than later to figure out for yourself and be amazed at how intelligent these dogs are; they are curious and will show signs of always being excited to learn something new. Find out more why you should own a Labrador here: